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Did you know that

your heart speaks words

known only to me?


Enticing phrases formed

that excite and enrapture,

intended just for me.


Each delicious syllable

declared and delivered

lovingly to me.


Every imaginable translation

faithfully interpreted

perfectly by me.


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Always Know I’m Fascinated


Are you just that sweet and innocent,

or just possibly an illusion?

There’s no doubt in my mind,

you’re my logical conclusion.


You are so care-free and adorable,

my most exciting essential delight.

You’re such the dazzler,

and so unquestionably polite.


Conscientious and attentive,

are these traits really relevant?

Absolutely, just like your life,

always positively celebrant.


Intense, brilliant perceptive eyes,

that seek me out and greet my gaze.

Then a knowing smile,

as they light up and twinkle,

every time I turn a phrase.


Intrigued with the tender possibilities,

encouraged by your sunny inclinations.

Enchanted by your compelling allure,

always know I’m enraptured

by our true love’s fascinations.



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In Beautiful Dreams With You


In my enterprising eager mind resides

boundless hopes and dreams

of a beautiful life with you, my love.

Surprisingly they coincide

with our every glance it seems.


Imagining your inspiring eyes,

and how, when they meet mine,

elicit such sweet affection.

Then, passionately we intertwine

and delight in love’s perfect connection.


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