Life Matters

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Life Matters


Space matters, I’m rather certain.

For I fear that it could be

a vexing vast expanse,

that separates me

from your touch.

A cold continuum conspiring,

to keep me from your love.


Touch matters, I am positive.

For I live to delight in your embrace,

to caress each essential element

and specific particle of you.

Your essence forever hopeful,

shining love and radiant light

warming every part of me.


Love matters, it’s perpetually true.

For I believe it is a miracle,

perhaps divine intervention,

when love convinces you to make

that quantum leap of faith.

Faith to trust and journey onward

to new worlds with light years to explore.



A note from Chris

I wrote this poem with the word “matters” as the subject…..not a verb.  I understand that some

would make the assumption that “life” is possibly the subject and “matters” is

the verb.  “Life” in my poem title is an adjective describing specific “matters”.

I did want you to be aware of my approach as these words  came to me.

The word “matter/ matters” also has to do with the composition, design and existence of our

world and universe of course.  I wanted to shine some light for you on my thought process.

And hopefully you will have a better understanding of some of the word pictures that I

incorporated into this project.


Also, in light of the tragic events last night here in my beloved home town of Dallas, maybe

we will find some added comfort in my words and thoughts.  So many emotions come to my

mind as I think about those families now dealing with the sudden loss of their loved ones.

How much pain and suffering does come when someone you love is tragically taken from you.

One more footnote…..I wrote this poem 4 years ago, after the sudden death of my precious

and only child, Justin.


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Life Matters Follow Me on Pinterest


Life Matters Follow Me on Pinterest



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