Jamaica Me Crazy Pants

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 Jamaica Me Crazy Pants


Time to sweat, work glutes and abs,

love our exercise daze.

Mambo cha-cha, zumba moves,

one more workout craze.

Step-touch right, gotta get that,

another encouraging glance.

Movin’ my feet, heart pumpin’ beat,

distracted by your crazy pants.


Rattlesnake skins, geometric prints,

hips sway then figure eight.

Red-hot squats, now check that pulse,

off the chart heart rate.

High impact thrills, frenetic pace,

cardio drills that optimize.

Extend then flex, dance and jive,

brain cells forget to re-organize.


Martial some arts, jog in place,

mesmerized by your fashion style.

Abstract designs, tropical themes,

shooting stars always make me smile.

Hovering plank, within my view,

a downward-facing dog inspiring me.

A high knee lunge, then add a twist,

still your crazy pants are all I see.


Time for cool down, muscles relax,

reflect on sensory overload.

Inhale deep breaths, stretch hands to toes,

with visions of pie a la mode.

Butterfly pose, I meditate,

fitness with fun is always the goal.

Working out with you, most certainly,

energizes both body and soul.



Jamaica Me Crazy Pants Follow Me on Pinterest

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Jamaica Me Crazy Pants Follow Me on Pinterest

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