In Fragrant Close Proximity

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In Fragrant Close Proximity


Irresistible to my touch and sight

your backside sweetly exposed

in the bare candlelight.


So easily tempted, I strategize.

Perhaps some stealthy surprise

is what I playfully surmise.


Sliding over quietly, I move ever so close.

Hopefully you’ll never suspect

and surely not suppose.


Soon I have you in my sights

and attempt to make my move.

Then you duck and dodge

and try your best to elude.

I wonder in what way

could you possibly disapprove.


My only regret is that I lacked a head start,

and took my sweet time to depart.

Happily, this memory will always be cherished,

so sentimental to nose and heart.


The fragrant scent of cherry blossoms

still fills the air.

As we roll on the bed in stitches

we are both fully aware,

that the startling sound that tooted forth

was from your derriere.


A note from Chris

I hope you enjoy my lighter side of romance.  And yes, my inspiration is so very close at hand and nose.

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In Fragrant Close Proximity Follow Me on Pinterest

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