Hot In the Tropics

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Original art source credit to Sharie Bohman Hatchett Follow Me on Pinterest

Original art source credit to Sharie Bohman Hatchett


Clear Sailing


The sunny breezy ocean winds

raced playfully across the seas today.


And beckoned us to navigate,

to some perfect place without delay.


We charted the course, set our sails and

jaunting skillfully we cruised away.


And on this voyage that we’ve set about,

our hearts, with heated passion,

lovingly while away the day.


Tropical Destination Follow Me on Pinterest


Tropical Destination


Excursions, please stay awhile, no hurries.

Diversions, sights that delight, few worries.

Steamy night, soft southern breeze, love prevails.

Dreamy daze, as your eyes tease, our ship sails.


Navigate, full steam ahead, we explore.

Fascinate, white orchid scent, hearts implore.

Surging tides, romantic beach, perfect port.

Merging lips, my love in reach, cool resort.



A Most Romantic Interlude


Patiently we waited for that

perfect place in time,

if spontaneous or planned,

we knew it would be sublime.


Not wanting any of the passion

and pure rapture to subside,

only trusting that our love

would unequivocally preside.


In sync with the gentle rhythm

heart to heart as we embrace,

my mind delights as you tantalize

in your delicate soft lace.


Enamored with your silken skin

and warm sweet sighs

it’s you I desire most tonight,

as you melt into my eyes.



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