Painting You With Words

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Painting You With Words


You never seem to mind when

I splatter you with flattery,

or cover you in a kaleidoscope

of complimentary colors.


You’re the most pleasing palette,

perfectly posed without complaint,

commanding focus and concentration

with no concern for my constraint.


I love to trace your figure

with a deliberate artistic touch,

committing you to memory,

so well versed in every line.


Contemplating every contour,

carefully studying such splendid symmetry,

then composing heartfelt sentiments

in fanciful inventive imagery.


By any definition you’re beyond

most logic and description,

by design I live to paint you

with expressive imagination.


To portray your essential essence

requires no explicit shade or hue,

just colorful strokes of genius brushed

from my admiring point of view.


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A note from Chris

I wrote this poem several years ago and I now consider this piece to be my “signature” poem.  I purposely crafted a lot of alliteration into this work and I love the word pictures that are “painted” in the poem.

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