Everyday Excitement

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Everyday Excitement


It’s an everyday attraction that will never be denied,

an emotional attachment that made our hearts collide.

There’s a secret admiration that only we can understand.

we share the same obsessions, yet nothing much is planned.



It’s an everyday occurrence, and we always meet on time.

Even though there’s not a schedule, it happens by design.

This meeting of the minds requires no formal action,

just conversant lips absorbed in soft and warm distraction.



It’s an everyday adventure that exhilarates our way,

with eager anticipation we keep our hearts at play.

Excitement every day that heightens every sense,

it’s no secret every moment is amazing and intense.



It’s an everyday connection that exceeds all expectations,

and every day confirms some most intriguing speculations.

That our love for one another in this perfect time and place,

assures everyday excitement and guarantees our next embrace.



A note from Chris

When I wrote this poem, there was a very logical progression in my mind that was revealed.  It was a lot of fun and this is one of my favorites, I do have to say!

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