Moonlight’s Rhapsody

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Moonlight’s Rhapsody


As twilight falls, your eyes beckon, cool evening breeze so slight.

White lace curtains, faintly flutter, two amorous hearts delight.

Hide and seek moon, focus on you, my brilliant star attraction.

Our soft lips play, fine cabernet, flavors each chain reaction.


Mischievous grin, warm silken skin, now safe in my embrace.

Snuggle sweetly, let’s reminisce, enchanting escapades retrace.

Our crescent moon, advises more time, patient gentle affection.

Candlelight dies, dreams soon arrive, content in love’s perfection.


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A note from Chris

This poem was inspired in part by a 100 year old homestead near my home. It is a very stately two-story large farmhouse. I have always wondered about the several generations of the family and what it must have been like to have lived and loved there. There is a beautiful upstairs bedroom with big windows and white lace curtains looking out on the grounds with large stately trees.  That is how it all began and this is the result. I hope you enjoy my latest poem project!

© Chris Wood 2014 All Rights Reserved


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