On The Day We Met

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Artwork credit to Donald Zolan


On The Day We Met


Hello sweet baby girl

in your silky newborn skin,

your eyes so beautifully wide awake.


To be sure,

facing eternity this early in the day

is not possibly what you expected,

and not necessarily a piece of cake.


I know you can’t appreciate 

or realize it all quite yet,

just be aware that we noticed

you accomplished great things today.


Taking fearless first steps,

reaching out and touching those

who will love you forever faithfully.


And reminding us,

that we’ll always take

the greatest care,

as we joyfully journey

     with you along your way.


A Note From Chris

Three years ago I wrote this poem for my best friend Marcia on the morning of the arrival of her grand daughter Kaitlyn DeAwna.  Tomorrow, June 30, precious Kaitlyn will be three years old and she is a little “spitfire” just like her MomMom.  Happy Birthday to Kaitlyn.

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