Under Our Heavenly Canopy

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Photo credit to Lincoln Harrison with grateful appreciation. Follow Me on Pinterest

Photo credit to Lincoln Harrison with grateful appreciation.


Under Our Heavenly Canopy


Stargaze moments, cosmic wonders, one heavenly night.

Let us marvel, launch lunar flights, Gemini’s in sight.

Creek frogs croaking, green with envy, as we trek our way.

Cozy blanket, kick off our shoes, galactic survey.


Planets align, meteors streak, bodies in motion.

Safe in my arms, soon to be one, playful commotion.

Celestial orbs, float in deep space, no mission control.

Light years ahead, time travel slow, devote heart and soul.



A note from Chris

You might recognize this poem from a couple of years ago as it was originally entitled “Under Our Starlight Canopy”.  At the time, I intended for it to be a seriously romantic effort and then it took a humorous twist in the end.   It completely surprised me at the time, but it just worked out that way.   I always thought that I would make another run at it.  I hope that I have given it justice.  True Love is an adventuresome journey of two devoted hearts and souls.  I dedicate this to my Angel Princess.

The star-trail image is by Australian photographer Lincoln Harrison.  They are the product of hour after hour of painstaking night-time shooting.  His stunning pictures of star trails across the Aussie night sky can take up to 15 hours.  Please take some time and visit Lincoln’s website and gallery.

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