Just Hold Me Close

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As Close As Close Can Be


I love your expectant gaze

into my gleaming eyes,

as you follow

     my every move.

Instantly hope increases

as love’s prospects soar,

and our desirous

     aspiring hearts approve.


Magnetically attracted, eagerly engaged,

our bodies committed,

wanting to occupy

the same cozy space.

We’re riveted together,

so focused and attentive,

thoroughly absorbed in

one unending sweet embrace.


Playful ambitious lips and hands

enthralled by your body’s heat,

and completely devoted

to our love’s delight.

Hold me, just hold me close,

as close as close can be,

until we awaken elatedly

at early morning’s light.


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Recipe For Hot


Souffle me chocolate every day.

Bouquet wine, cabernet, pour and play.

Sip quickly, more time for our desire.

Grip my heart, fuel the flames, white hot fire.


Drizzle cream, sprinkle snow when lava flows.

Sizzle steaks, fat can drip, write some prose.

Present lips, softly kiss, dance as one.

Content hearts, simmer love’s delights til done.


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Tonight was perfect for me and you,

isn’t it obvious that our affections grew?

We know deep down that our love is so strong,

and my promise to you is to be yours for lifelong.


Tonight when you’re dreaming so sweetly of me,

know that I’m close and always will be.

Forever close to protect you and keep you secure,

sleep peacefully tonight and please rest assured.



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