In Beautiful Dreams With You

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In Beautiful Dreams With You


In my enterprising eager mind resides

boundless hopes and dreams

of a beautiful life with you, my love.

Surprisingly they coincide

with our every glance it seems.


Imagining your inspiring eyes,

and how, when they meet mine,

elicit such sweet affection.

Then, passionately we intertwine

and delight in love’s perfect connection.


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“Bubble Flower” used with the kind permission of Josephine Wall,


Notes from Chris

I wrote this poem on a relaxed morning after listening to the incomparable Roy Orbison sing “In Dreams”.  Roy Orbison is from Texas and so well loved around the world for his pure sound and amazing vocal range.  The painting titled “Bubble Flower” is used with the permission of the artist, Josephine Wall.  I encourage you to visit her gallery and website.  Her fantasy paintings are recognized and collected around the world.

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