We Know Exactly

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We Know Exactly


It wasn’t that long ago, and surely at the time,

it wasn’t exactly what we had in mind.

That we would gradually lose each other’s grasp,

leaving wide-eyed infatuations behind.


For a while I questioned

what there could ever be,

      as you danced your life

      light years away from me.


We know exactly from our heart’s emotions

about impetuous and ardent love so pure.

About our deepest dreams, some secret notions,

and enchantments that still endure.


I know exactly when you smile at me,

that you know exactly just what you do.

You know you melt my heart when we kiss tenderly,

I know I make you happy with my point of view.


We know exactly and we don’t pretend,

that we don’t know it’s true.

Because you feel it when you’re close to me,

and I see it when I look at you.


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A note from Chris

I am most definitely a proponent of more kissing both “under water” and “above ground”!  Does that about cover the topic?  Springtime Smiles!

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