Hearts On Fire – Three of My Favorite Passionate Poems

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   Hearts On Fire


  A passionate poetry mini-collection



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A Mutual Kind of Thing


What is this special feeling, this rare connection

that we’ve known and cherished for so long?

Precious and secure, the love abiding in our hearts,

hopeful and persuaded that it’s forever strong.


From first a fondness to a friendship,

I have adored you from the start.

Then came pure and sweet affection,

a long embrace and I offered you my heart.


Our attraction so instinctive,

like second nature you might say.

One gentle, tender touch is all it takes

to sweep ourselves away.


Loving hearts and minds in sync together,

not by chance, but surely by design.

Our intense devotion ruling every realm

as when two brilliant stars align.


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As Close As Close Can Be


I love your expectant gaze

into my gleaming eyes,

as you follow

     my every move.

Instantly hope increases

as love’s prospects soar,

and our desirous

     aspiring hearts approve.


Magnetically attracted, eagerly engaged,

our bodies committed,

wanting to occupy

the same cozy space.

We’re riveted together,

so focused and attentive,

thoroughly absorbed in

one unending sweet embrace.


Playful ambitious lips and hands

enthralled by your body’s heat,

and completely devoted

to our love’s delight.

Hold me, just hold me close,

as close as close can be,

until we awaken elatedly

at early morning’s light.


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Passionate Play


Sight of you, my heart melts, quick pulsations.

Stomach quakes, excitement, contemplations.

Tongues tangle, taste delight, still makes us grin.

So much joy, wonderment, such soft sweet skin.


Lips quiver, tender kiss, passionate play.

Take a break, amusement, whipped cream parfait.

Burn some fat, engage abs, feel muscles flex.

Just like that, amazement, 3-D effects.


Eyes twinkle, toes twinge, candlelight fun.

Catch our breath, contentment, together one.

Always know, I promise you, romantic days,

Love in sync, commitment, with passion plays.



A note from Chris

One of the most searched categories or tags for romantic poetry on the web is “passion” or “passionate poems”.  I have created this mini-collection with passion in mind!   Also I have provided you with Pinterest friendly artwork to share with your most loved ones and other Pinterest peeps!

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