It’s A Date!

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It’s A Date


A very special Pinterest mini-collection.


Art credit ~ "Gelateria", by Kelly Eddington Follow Me on Pinterest

Art credit ~ “Gelateria”, by Kelly Eddington


A great way to get this date started, don’t you think?


HeartSpeak Quote Follow Me on Pinterest




Did you know that

your heart speaks words

known only to me?


Enticing phrases formed

that excite and enrapture,

intended just for me.


Each delicious syllable

declared and delivered

lovingly to me.


Every imaginable translation

faithfully interpreted

perfectly by me!


Photo credit to Teddy Tung Follow Me on Pinterest

Photo credit to Teddy Tung


Clear Sailing


The sunny breezy ocean winds

raced playfully across the seas today.


And beckoned us to navigate,

to some perfect place without delay.


We charted the course, set our sails and

jaunting skillfully we cruised away.


And on this voyage that we’ve set about,

our hearts, with heated passion,

lovingly while away the day.


Recipe For Hot Follow Me on Pinterest


Recipe For Hot


Souffle me chocolate every day.

Bouquet wine, cabernet, pour and play.

Sip quickly, more time for our desire!

Grip my heart, fuel the flames, white hot fire.


Drizzle cream, sprinkle snow when lava flows.

Sizzle steaks, fat can drip, write some prose.

Present lips, softly kiss, dance as one.

Invent, admire love’s delights til done.



A note from Chris

I recently have spent some serious time ramping up (experimenting!) with some new photo and texture software.  I thought it would be a lot of fun to try and kick it up a notch or two (Texas ~ speak y’all!)  I will be gradually adding more images and poem posts that are hopefully more suitable for Pinterest and other social media platforms.  I appreciate your wonderful support and loyalty.   Please feel free to comment below and let me know how you like today’s collection.

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