Three Autumn Favorites – Fall Into Love!

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Tango Two to Rio


On a not so shameless beach

dancing ‘neath the Rio moon.

The salty air and ocean breeze

teases sweet, our hearts commune.


Two lovers tango playfully,

hot latin beats entice.

An exotic tropic night,

so let’s paso doble twice.


Hypnotic hips delight,

we perfect some samba spice.

Admiring eager eyes connect

as we mambo so precise.



In Your Arms Follow Me on Pinterest

Painting credit to Stephanie Clair with much appreciation.



In Your Arms


                   let us forget

           for just this moment

all time and place

    savor sweet

    jasmine vanilla scent


      warm silky touch

                                               exciting eyes

             snuggling sweetly


          grin to grin


                      adoring hands

                    teasing pleasing


                        softly down my back

               desirous kisses tantalize


                        our delicious passion

         melting me

  sweet taste of honey

        loving you



Moonlight's Rhapsody Follow Me on Pinterest


Moonlight’s Rhapsody


As twilight falls, your eyes beckon, cool evening breeze so slight.

White lace curtains, faintly flutter, two amorous hearts delight.

Hide and seek moon, focus on you, my brilliant star attraction.

Our soft lips play, fine cabernet, flavors each chain reaction.


Mischievous grin, warm silken skin, now safe in my embrace.

Snuggle sweetly, let’s reminisce, enchanting escapades retrace.

Our crescent moon, advises more time, patient gentle affection.

Candlelight dies, dreams soon arrive, content in love’s perfection.



A note from Chris

I am submitting this poem for d’Verse Poets Pub ~ Open Link Night.  These are three very playful and adventurous favorites of mine.

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