As Close As Close Can Be

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As Close As Close Can Be


I love your expectant gaze

into my gleaming eyes,

as you follow my every move.


Instantly hope increases

as love’s prospects soar,

our aspiring hearts approve.


Magnetically attracted, eagerly engaged,

our bodies committed,

wanting to occupy the same cozy space.


We’re riveted together, focused and attentive,

        thoroughly absorbed

 in one unending sweet embrace.


Playful ambitious lips and hands

enthralled by your body’s heat,

completely devoted to our love’s delight.


Hold me, just hold me close,

as close as close can be,

until we awaken at early morning’s light.



A note from Chris

It is my hope that you can feel both the passion of body and the soul for those who have experienced true love.  The intent is to speak to both the physical and the spiritual attraction and the powerful love connection of  two people completely committed to each other.  As it rightfully should be!

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