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Painting credit to Larry Preston



The Picnic


Our blanket is spread

          in just the right place,

and the sunlight through the leaves

          dances gleefully on your face.


The season’s change is coming,

  but not on this uncertain day.

A slight chill is in the breeze,

  it only hastens our love’s play.


The wine and cheese

        patiently await their fate,

as we explore the possibilities

        and just how well we both relate.


Consumed with each other,

we don’t need a referee.

And we constantly affirm

just how fit “the fit” can be.


As expected and desired

we linger fondly with each caress,

just as we will with sweet memories

that forever we’ll possess.


A note from Chris

I wrote this poem for my Angel Princess upon the occasion of a particularly perfect blue sky picnic day.  The credit for the wonderful artwork  goes to fine art painter and artist Larry Preston.  Larry resides in Massachusetts and paints in oils on canvas and linen.  His work can be appreciated on his website and in many galleries.

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