I Want All of You

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"Eau qui dort" by Danielle Richard Follow Me on Pinterest

“Eau Qui Dort” ~ used with the permission of the artist Danielle Richard


I Want All of You


I am imagining that there is

nowhere else that you would rather be

than in my arms

making love with me.


I am dreaming of so many nights

when I hold you tight,

and squeeze you tenderly

so softly, yet with all my might.


I am exploring every part of you so carefully,

your every secret exposed to my delight.

As your fingers slide sweetly into mine,

I want all of you to myself tonight.


Certain that we will cherish our love

as warm passions flow

and the night goes by

forever slow.



A note from Chris

I am so very excited to spotlight the painting of fine artist Danielle Richard.  Danielle resides in Quebec, Canada.  Danielle works mainly with acrylic and pastels.  Please be sure and visit her website and enjoy her gallery of fine art paintings.

© Chris Wood 2013 All Rights Reserved


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