Life Matters

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Photo Credit to CubaGallery on Flickr


Life Matters


Space matters, I’m rather certain.

For I fear that it could be

a vexing vast expanse,

that separates me

from your touch.

A cold continuum conspiring,

to keep me from your love.


Touch matters, I am positive.

For I live to delight in your embrace,

to caress each essential element

and specific particle of you.

Your essence forever hopeful,

shining love and radiant light

warming every part of me.


Love matters, it’s perpetually true.

For I believe it is a miracle,

perhaps divine intervention,

when love convinces you to make

that quantum leap of faith.

Faith to trust and journey onward

to new worlds with light years to explore.


A note from Chris

One year ago I faced the biggest challenge of my life (and to my faith) with the sudden death of our precious and only child, Justin.  He was the light of our home and my world as you can well imagine.   He was a special child and was our social butterfly and commentator.   Justin lived a very wonderful life with us for 30 years.   He was diagnosed with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy at birth and thankfully he shrugged off most of life’s other afflictions and distractions.  I miss him greatly.  I wrote this two weeks after God decided that his mission here was fulfilled.  I am confident that he is in Heaven and with Jesus Christ, his Heavenly Father.  That makes me so very happy today!

I am submitting this poem for d’Verse Poets Pub ~ Open Link Night ~ Week  105

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