Clear Sailing

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Clear Sailing


The sunny breezy ocean winds

raced playfully across the seas today.


And beckoned us to navigate,

to some perfect place without delay.


We charted the course, set our sails and

jaunting skillfully we cruised away.


And on this voyage that we’ve set about,

our hearts, with heated passion,

lovingly while away the day.


A note from Chris

Today I am submitting my poem “Clear Sailing” for our dVerse Poet’s Pub “bring home the bacon” challenge.  The request is to write a poem that uses an “idiom” or an expression that does not always mean literally what it says!  In this poem my express intention is to not to always be literally be out on the ocean sailing in a boat on the sea. My soul objective is to be “as close as close can be” to my true love!  Here is a sample list of common idioms found in our language and culture from our dVerse Poet’s Pub contributor Kelvin S.M.

  • put their heads together  =  consult one another
  • take a breath  =  pause
  • turn the tables  =  reverse action
  • get wind of  =  hear some news
  • go a long way  =  be sufficient
  • bear in mind  =  remember
  • keep a person in the dark  =  conceal something from someone
  • touch bottom  =  be in adversity
  • bull session  =  informal discussion
  • burn the candle at both ends  =  spend excessively long hours in work or play without rest
  • carry a torch for  =  suffer conspicuously from unreturned love
  • chip off the old block  =  an offspring who closely resembles his father
  • bitter pill to swallow  =  a humiliating disappointment
  • run hot and cold  =  be inconsistent
  • blow one’s trumpet  =  praise oneselfpeter out  =  dwindle
  • pull the wool over one’s eyes  =  deceive one
  • pull one’s leg  =  tease one
  • put on airs  =  assume superiority
  • put one’s foot in one’s mouth  =  make an embarrassing error
  • rack one’s brains  =  concentrate deeply
  • rain cats and dogs  =  rain hard
  • catch one red-handed  =  catch one at some wrongdoing
  • live within one’s means  =  not to spend more than one’s income
  • bite off more than you can chew  =  attempt more than you can do
  • bog down  =  be completely stopped in one’s work
  • break even  =  neither gain nor lose
  • clean slate  =  unsmeared record

© Chris Wood 2013  All Rights Reserved

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