You Have to Know

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"Remembering" by Christopher Clark, Follow Me on Pinterest

“Remembering” by Christopher Clark,



You Have to Know


Such perfect days they were,

       as you were always on my mind.

               So beautifully appealing

                    with your fascinating eyes!

Your irresistible smile, your laughter

kindled intensive intrigue,

       and encouraged faithful ties.


Every day from across the way

your exquisite face shone bright.

You had to know

that I would think of you

most every single night.


Your heart felt always close to me,

then life got in the way.

Some unexpected heartache came,

but in all truth,

you, I could never blame.


And now from across the table

we catch up and remember when.

You had to know

that I loved you so,

even way back then.


Our lives have sped so far ahead

to a content and welcome place.

Any pondered paths not taken,

there’s no need

for us to trace.


Imagine a ship across the ocean

that faithfully sails back home.

You have to know

that I’m anchored close,

and my heart

     shall dare not let you go.


A note from Chris

The painting is titled “Remembering” by Christopher Clark.  The  media is oil on canvas.  You can watch Chris painting “Remembering”  in this video.  I want to extend my extreme appreciation to Chris for his kind permission to use his beautiful artwork on my site.  Please visit Chris and enjoy his portfolio and blog and Flickr photostream sites.

© Chris Wood 2013  All Rights Reserved

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