Three Favorites – Every Essential Slightest Thing

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Three Favorites – Every Essential Slightest Thing


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Painting credit , “Her Moment in the Sun” by Doris Joa


   It’s The Slightest Things


The slightest golden glint

of sunlight in your hair,

and your playful loving touches

make me slightly more aware.


The bare essence of your beauty

is a need I want to crave.

Was that just an imagined glance

or the slightest grin you gave?


Your slightest carefree winsome smile

ensures my rich reward.

There’s every slightest loving memory

in our hearts, forever stored.


Intimate memories that embolden

and faithfully stir our slightest urge.

Two lives with hearts committed

that steadily, fatefully merge.


Without the slightest doubt

or any hesitation,

we dance to life’s rhythms

delighting in every fascination.


Now, with our happiness entwined

in absolute devotion,

these slightest, sweetest moments

intensify love’s intoxicating potion.


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   Painting You With Words


You never seem to mind if I splatter you with flattery,

or cover you in a kaleidoscope of complimentary colors.

You’re the most pleasing palette, perfectly posed without complaint,

commanding focus and concentration with no concern for my constraint.


I love to trace your figure with a deliberate artistic touch,

committing you to memory, so well versed in every line.

Contemplating every contour, carefully studying such splendid symmetry,

then composing heartfelt sentiments in fanciful inventive imagery.


By any definition you’re beyond most logic and description,

by design I live to paint you with expressive imagination.

To portray your essential essence requires no explicit shade or hue,

just colorful strokes of genius brushed from my admiring point of view.


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   I Thank My Lucky Star


Before the day of your arrival,

that very blessed day,

plans not known to anyone

were already under way.


Our lucky stars determined,

and they probably had a clue,

that it would take some extra time for me

to find my way to you.


Now together on this journey,

in each other we’re depending,

our hearts and souls committed

to our true love that’s never ending.



A note from Chris

This is a mini-collection of my original poems that, I believe, describes a beautiful romantic journey over many years.  It begins with first fascinations, like the bright sunlight that gleams and shimmers in her hair.  Then, those first attractions that so many of us remember, perhaps that most adorable smile!   I chose the image of the gentle man serenading his love with the guitar for “Painting You With Words”  very carefully.  We can all appreciate and relate to the “painting of words” through a love song.  Of course, there is the dancing through life and all the “slightest things” that keep us so attentive and devoted for the long journey together.  A journey that is hopefully never ending!

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Grace, peace and happiness to you today!

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