Picture of a Perfect Christmas

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 Picture of a Perfect Christmas


A perfect picture’s captured in my mind to stay,

so vivid, as I often reflect upon that chilly winter’s day.

We settle into our special place, our first table set for two,

a romantic and festive Christmas dinner eventually ensues. 



You in black velvet and satin, a stunning visual delight,

those astonishing and adorable eyes that instantly excite.

We cuddle and kiss, attempting to avoid an unnecessary scene,

as our celebration continues with some delectable cuisine. 



A Christmas toast is shared to my love’s sweet allure and grace,

by the soft candlelight, so very close as I caress your face.

Your enchanting charms command my heart’s every palpitation,

as we share our dreams and compliment our holiday preparation. 



Each perfect thoughtful gift’s unwrapped, presented with a playful grin,

but not before we wonder and deliberate on what possibly could lie within.

Within our heart’s the joy of a love that has found it’s way,

and in our mind’s an expectation for another picture perfect day.


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A note from Chris

A perfect and most romantic setting for a picture perfect Christmas don’t you think?  I am submitting this poem for d’Verse Poets Pub ~ Open Link Night ~ Week  70

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