Three of My Most Lighthearted Romantic Poems

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Three of My Most Lighthearted Romantic Poems


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My Sweet Taste of Love


Your distinct delicious kiss

divinely lingers on my mind.

Such a delightful treat

and decidedly worth the find.


My mouth loves to explore

and toy with your tongue.

Could this possibly be the source

from which considerable joy has sprung?


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In Fragrant Close Proximity


Irresistible to my touch and sight

your backside sweetly exposed

in the bare candlelight.


So easily tempted, I strategize.

Perhaps some stealthy surprise

is what I playfully surmise.


Sliding over quietly, I move ever so close.

Hopefully you’ll never suspect

and surely not suppose.


Soon I have you in my sights

and attempt to make my move.

Then you duck and dodge

and try your best to elude.

I wonder in what way

could you possibly disapprove.


My only regret is that I lacked a head start,

and took my sweet time to depart.

Happily, this memory will always be cherished,

so sentimental to nose and heart.


The fragrant scent of cherry blossoms

still fills the air.

As we roll on the bed in stitches

we are both fully aware,

that the startling sound that tooted forth

was from your derriere.


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The Picnic


Our blanket is spread in just the right place,

and the sunlight through the leaves

dances gleefully on your face.


The season’s change is coming,

but not on this uncertain day.

A slight chill is in the breeze,

it only hastens our love’s play.


The wine and cheese patiently await their fate,

as we explore the possibilities

and just how well we both relate.


Consumed with each other,

we don’t need a referee.

And we constantly affirm

just how fit “the fit” can be!


As expected and desired

we linger lovingly with each caress,

as we will with this memory

that forever we’ll possess.


A Note From Chris

I am posting this mini-collection of my original (and my favorite) “Most Lighthearted Romantic Poems” from the archives today for your reading pleasure.  This is the 5th mini-collection that I have posted.  Also, I  find it a challenge and really do enjoy the search for quality images and art work to be able to pair with my poetry.  I hope that these small creations put a smile on your face, and hopefully, rewards your passion for love and life today!  Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions below!

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