Three of My Best Excitations Poems

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   Three of My Best “Excitations” Poems


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Our Summer Serenade


Moonlit night, holding hands, tart lemonade.

Dancing girl, makes me smile, slow promenade.

Summer sparks, lips meet mine, so unafraid.

Hold you close, nuzzle neck, scent’s serenade.


Shooting stars, backseat smooch, a killdeer cries.

Firefly fun, chigger bites, ketchup some fries.

Sharing dreams, compliments, she thinks I’m wise.

Snow cone tongues, belly laughs, no big surprise.


Goodnight kiss, our song plays, good vibrations.

Enticing eyes, same old couch, excitations.

Getting late, no one cares, new sensations.

In our hearts, forever, sweet elations.



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I Want All of You


I am imagining that there is

nowhere else that you would rather be

than in my arms

making love with me.


I am dreaming of so many nights

when I hold you tight,

and squeeze you tenderly

so softly, yet with all my might.


I am exploring every part of you so carefully,

your every secret exposed to my delight.

As your fingers slide sweetly into mine,

I want all of you to myself tonight.


Certain that we will cherish our love

as warm tears flow

and the night goes by

 forever slow.



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   Passionate Play


Sight of you, my heart melts, quick pulsations.

Stomach quakes, excitement, contemplations.

Tongues tangle, taste delight, still makes us grin.

So much joy, wonderment, such soft sweet skin.


Lips quiver, tender kiss, passionate play.

Take a break, amusement, whipped cream parfait.

Burn some fat, engage abs, feel muscles flex.

Just like that, amazement, 3-D effects.


Eyes twinkle, toes twinge, candlelight fun.

Catch our breath, contentment, together one.

Always know, I promise you, romantic days,

Love in sync, commitment, with passion plays.



A note from Chris

I am posting this mini-collection of my original “Best Excitations” poems from the archives today to enhance your end of summer fun!  Please feel free to share these with your friends and encourage them to join us.

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