Three of My Best Passionate Poems

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Three of My Best Passionate Poems


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A Most Romantic Interlude


Patiently we waited for that

perfect place in time,

if spontaneous or planned,

we knew it would be sublime.


Not wanting any of the passion

and pure rapture to subside,

only trusting that our love

would unequivocally preside.


In sync with the gentle rhythm

heart to heart as we embrace,

my mind delights as you tantalize

in your delicate soft lace.


Enamored with your silken skin

and warm sweet sighs

it’s you I desire most tonight,

as you melt into my eyes.




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Photo credit to Ernest Signsden, Flickr

A Mutual Kind of Thing


What is this special feeling, this rare connection

that we’ve known and cherished for so long?

Precious and secure, the love abiding in our hearts,

hopeful and persuaded that it’s forever strong.


From first a fondness to a friendship,

I have adored you from the start.

Then came pure and sweet affection,

a long embrace and I offered you my heart.


Our attraction so instinctive,

like second nature you might say.

One gentle, tender touch is all it takes

to sweep ourselves away.


Loving hearts and minds in sync together,

not by chance, but surely by design.

Our intense devotion ruling every realm

as when two brilliant stars align.



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Photo credit to Tong Jalanugraha, Flickr


Recipe For Hot


Souffle me chocolate every day.

Bouquet wine, cabernet, pour and play.

Sip quickly, more time for our desire.

Grip my heart, fuel the flames, white hot fire.


Drizzle cream, sprinkle snow when lava flows.

Sizzle steaks, fat can drip, write some prose.

Present lips, softly kiss, dance as one.

Content hearts, simmer love’s delights til done.



A Note From Chris

I am posting this mini-collection of my original “Best Passionate” poems from the archives today for your Labor Day holiday fun!  Please feel free to share these with your friends and your “so very loved ones”!  Thanks for being on the journey with me.

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A Mutual Kind of Thing - social media Follow Me on Pinterest

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