Under Our Starlight Canopy

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Under Our Starlight Canopy


        Stargaze moments

                                      cosmic wonders

                                                   one heavenly night.

Let us marvel

launch lunar flights

Gemini’s in sight.


Creek frogs croaking

green with envy

as we trek our way.

Cozy blanket

kick off our shoes

galactic survey.


Planets align

meteors streak

bodies in motion.

Safe in my arms

soon to be one

utmost devotion.


Celestial orbs

float in deep space

no mission control.

Flashlight in face

“greetings earthlings!”

spoke the park patrol.



A note from Chris

This poem actually started out to be completely serious as I outlined my vision and experimented with the storyboard.  At some point it took a more humorous path and I just went with it!  This poem is a form of a “rhymed couplet” and consists of thirteen syllables per line.  Each line consists of a 4-4-5 pattern (total of 13 syllables) to the form.    Don’t be surprised if I release another version of this poem with a different conclusion soon!

© Chris Wood 2012 All Rights Reserved


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