Life Matters

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Art Credit ~ “Dream Horizon” by Rafaela



Life Matters


Space matters, I’m rather certain.

For I fear that it could be

a vexing vast expanse,

that separates me

from your touch.

A cold continuum conspiring,

to keep me from your love.


Touch matters, I am positive.

For I live to delight in your embrace,

to caress each essential element

and specific particle of you.

Your essence forever hopeful,

shining love and radiant light

warming every part of me.


Love matters, it’s perpetually true.

For I believe it is a miracle,

perhaps divine intervention,

when love convinces you to make

that quantum leap of faith.

Faith to trust and journey onward

to new worlds and light years to explore.


Life matters, as a matter of fact.

For I am persuaded that it is perfectly so.


A note from Chris

I am really hoping that this poem stands strong on it’s own.  I have struggled and stressed over this particular work over the last two weeks.  Inspiration would come and then “life matters” would insert themselves and demand my attention and focus.  On further reflection now, I guess that’s really no different than most other days, now is it?

I am submitting this poem for d’Verse Poets Pub ~ Open Link Night ~ Week  57

© Chris Wood 2012 All Rights Reserved

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