He Said, She Said

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Painting used by permission, Josephine Wall, www.josephinewall.co.uk


He Said, She Said


Our precious love keeps growing

in this treasured, sheltered place.

I close my eyes, then instantly

you’re in my strong embrace.


I close my eyes and imagine

your gentle and soft touch.

Please know that I need you close,

and I love you so very much.


Your gleaming eyes constrain me,

delight in every fond affection.

I’m convinced you are omnipotent and

that you trust my heart’s intention.


I love to watch you watchin’ me,

catchin’ you even when I sleep.

We know that our love and devotion

must always be discreet.


Your smile, forever radiant,

energizes our close connection.

Ever hopeful, it persuades us to

express our most excellent affection!


I adore the silly looks and giggles

when we tickle, tease and play.

Your knowing smile and sly glances

assure intrigue, encourage me to stay.


My lips seek out your fragrant neck

as I slowly kiss you tenderly.

And of course, I can assure you,

you are not in any jeopardy!


Your hands send chills, I accept your kiss,

so sweet and tender as I taste your lips.

In my heart I will forever feel such bliss,

as from our cup of love we take our sips.


A note from Chris

This poem is the combination of the two poems entitled “He Said” and “She Said”.  The “He Said” part of the exchange is on the left side of the posting.  The “She Said” response is on the right side of the page.  This is actually a duet poem written by myself and my alter ego “Angel Princess”!  She is my ghost writer, collaborator and BFF.  I want to thank her profusely for her contributions and unique perspective.

I am always so happy to pair up with the work of Josephine Wall from England.  This fantasy painting is entitled “Prelude to a Kiss” and is obviously very romantic and full of extraordinary detail.  You can learn more about my guest artist, Josephine Wall, and her work on her gallery site.

I am also submitting this poem for the First Anniversary of OpenLinkNight at d’Verse Poets Pub !

© Chris Wood 2012 All Rights Reserved

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