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Passionate Play


Sight of you, my heart melts, quick pulsations.

Stomach quakes, excitement, contemplations.

Tongues tangle, taste delight, still makes us grin.

So much joy, wonderment, such soft sweet skin.


Lips quiver, tender kiss, passionate play.

Take a break, amusement, whipped cream parfait.

Burn some fat, engage abs, feel muscles flex.

Just like that, amazement, 3-D effects.


Eyes twinkle, toes twinge, candlelight fun.

Catch our breath, contentment, together one.

Always know, I promise you, romantic days,

Love in sync, commitment, with passion plays.


A note from Chris

Can you feel the HEAT? Hope you are feeling passionate about some fire-works and your favorite foods!  In this sweltering heat of a Texas summer, what theme could possibly be more welcomed to pursue?

On a more technical note, this structure consists of ten syllables per line. Each line consists of a 3-3-4 (total of 10 syllables) pattern to my  form.

© Chris Wood 2016 All Rights Reserved


Passionate Play Follow Me on Pinterest


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