Our Summer Serenade

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Our Summer Serenade


Moonlit night, holding hands, tart lemonade.

Dancing girl, makes me smile, slow promenade.

Summer sparks, lips meet mine, so unafraid.

Hold you close, nuzzle neck, scent’s serenade.


Shooting stars, backseat smooch, a killdeer cries.

Firefly fun, chigger bites, ketchup some fries.

Sharing dreams, compliments, she thinks I’m wise.

Snow cone tongues, belly laughs, no big surprise.


Goodnight kiss, our song plays, good vibrations.

Enticing eyes, same old couch, excitations.

Getting late, no one cares, new sensations.

In our hearts, forever, sweet elations.



A note from Chris

I thought I would have some more fun this week with another variation of the “couplets” form.  There are ten syllables per line and each line consists of a 3-3-4 (total of 10 syllables) pattern to my form.  I am also hopeful that you will find some added entertainment value in this project.  Please look for my homage to the “Beach Boys”!

I am submitting this poem for d’Verse Poets Pub ~ Open Link Night ~ Week 49

© Chris Wood 2012 All Rights Reserved

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