Recipe For Hot

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Recipe For Hot


Souffle me chocolate every day.

Bouquet wine, cabernet, pour and play.

Sip quickly, more time for our desire.

Grip my heart, fuel the flames, white hot fire.


Drizzle cream, sprinkle snow when lava flows.

Sizzle steaks, fat can drip, write some prose.

Present lips, softly kiss, dance as one.

Content hearts, simmer love’s delights til done.



A note from Chris

I wrote this poem today in response to a very special prompt at d’Verse Poets Pub ~ Form For All ~ Framed Couplets

Gay Reiser Cannon is the host for this project and describes the “framed couplets” form thusly:

” You will need to make the first syllables of each couplet (two lines) rhyme, as well as rhyming the end of the lines: thus the name “framed” couplets. The first syllables should be stressed followed exactly by unstressed/stressed syllables four times (making one stressed syllable plus four iambic feet) totaling nine syllables with alternating stresses.”  This is my first attempt at this form and the poem was a joyful writing experience.

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