I Want All of You

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Artwork used by the kind permission of Ronnie Biccard



I Want All of You


I am imagining that there is

nowhere else that you would rather be

than in my arms

making love with me.


I am dreaming of so many nights

when I hold you tight,

and squeeze you tenderly

so softly, yet with all my might.


I am exploring every part of you so carefully,

your every secret exposed to my delight.

As your fingers slide sweetly into mine,

I want all of you to myself tonight.


Certain that we will cherish our love

as warm passions flow

and the night goes by

forever slow.



A note from Chris

I am so grateful to my guest artist, Ronnie Biccard,  for her permission to use her painting “Creature Comforts” along with my original poem for this post.  Ronnie just recently moved to Cheltenham, England from her native South Africa.  She is also one the newest followers on my Facebook Page!  (Please check it out and remember to click the “Like” button!)   Thanks so much Ronnie!  I am very excited to present this particular “pairing” of  my words with her beautiful painting.  You can learn more about Ronnie and her art on her blogsite and gallery!  Also see her Flickr Stream here!

© Chris Wood 2016 All Rights Reserved


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