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Used by permission, Trey Ratcliff, www.stuckincustoms.com


Just Saying


Sitting here dreaming,

thinking only of you.

Loving you thoughts,

begging me to make do.


Singing our love songs,

dancing sadly alone.

Playing with words,

hoping feelings are shown.


Promising I’m close,

breathing you in.

Just saying that

I’m wishing I was

kissing you again.



Just Sayin’!


Sittin’ here dreamin’

thinkin’ only of you!

Lovin’ you thoughts,

beggin’ me to make do.


Singin’ our love songs,

dancin’ sadly alone.

Playin’ with words,

hopin’ feelings are shown.


Promisin’ I’m close,

breathin’ you in.

Just sayin’!

I’m wishin’ I was

kissin’ you again.


A note from Chris

A lonesome tree, or a tree that is alone?  I suppose it certainly looks a little lonely.  I choose to see it as something strong, so secure, and in it’s proper place!

One other observation! There could possibly be a gerund or two in this particular piece. Just sayin’ !

The photo is used with the permission of Trey Ratcliff at www.stuckincustoms.com.  Stuck In Customs is the number one travel photography blog.  Trey entitled this photo: “A Sunset on a Texas Farm”.  It seems like the perfect place to be thinking about your most wonderful someone, especially when they are far from you, yet forever close in your heart and mind.

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