Date Night

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Used by permission, Trey Ratcliff,


Date Night


I’ve been collecting my wits,

and the planning’s for real.

And organizing some thoughts,

and yes it’s surreal.


Should I be distressed or

just go with the flow?

Surely you know what

my heart longs to show.


It’s a night on the town,

we’ll be out and about.

Let’s maintain our composure,

just please don’t freak out!


A note from Chris

My mind was in a pretty simple state when I wrote this itty bitty ditty of a poem!  Just havin’ some fun!  And how beautiful a night to be “out on the town” ?

The photo is used with permission from Trey Ratcliff at  Stuck In Customs is the number one travel photography blog.

© Chris Wood 2012 All Rights Reserved

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