Waiting Patiently

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Photo used by permission, Trey Ratcliff, www.stuckincustoms

Waiting Patiently


It’s my favorite time of day

Imagining the warmth

from your eyes

as daylight fades to dusk,

embracing the soft breeze

that teases through the trees


It’s my favorite time of day

What colors are you wearing?

I can’t help but wonder

as you sail your way to me


It’s my favorite time of day

I anticipate your touch

delicious lips

not yet close enough to kiss


It’s my favorite time of day

Just knowing

you trust

I am here

waiting patiently


A note from Chris

The photo is used with permission from Trey Ratcliff at www.stuckincustoms.com.  Stuck In Customs is the number one travel photography blog.  Trey calls this photo “Big Sur Sunset” and yes, sunset is my favorite time of day!

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